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The Shiva time

Posted on March 5, 2015 with 0 comments

I always cherish this time of the year just before Spring arrives as the time of Shiva the great Mahadeva of death and rebirth......

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Tibetan Settlement in Bylakuppe

Posted on March 30, 2010 with 0 comments
Its been many days since I have made a entry as the internet places where so uncomfortable to sit in I couldn't mange them for any more than was really necessary.Now I am in a wifi hotel in Bangalore, on our last day in India.For the past week Anna(my friend who I started off the trip with) and I where at the Tibetan Settlement that covers a wide area around Bylakuppe which is about 2 hours from Mysore.We did manage a day in Mysore but i have to say I do not like(so far) being in Indian cities.We did have a rickshaw driver take us around and apart from the palace which is quite stunning the best part was going to his home for tea.The Tibetan Settlement is truly a special place.We stayed at the Sera Jay Monestary's guest house which in and of itself was quite a surprise as it looked much fancier than I expected- though after being there a few days you started to realize it not nearly as fancy as it looks-the restaurant was had a very limited selection and boiled eggs was my main protein [...]
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Hello Dear One last week I took a train to Gokarna as good friends are staying on one of the beaches there so I wanted to visit them but i was also curious about Gokarna.I loved the town-it is one of the 12 holy Shiva sites in India and it really holds a sacred atmostphere.For an Indian town its quite clean and has an old but well kept feeling.Even though as a non Hindu I wasn't allowed in the main Temple just walking around the outer area was quite special.It also has one of the largest tanks that I have seen -walking around it takes about 20 mins.This is where people attached to the various temples,as there are quite a few that i didn't have time to explore, bath.The closest I can get to describing it so you can imagine it is an old Italian town where the houses are quaint and colorful in a faded way.I found how much more I like the beaches in Goa as I wasn't that taken with the beach but my friends love it there so you find what suits ones needs-they also where staying in the nicest [...]
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Patnem continued

Posted on March 6, 2010 with 0 comments
Hello Dear Ones I wasn't originally planning to be here for so long but I feel pretty settled and the longer I stay the more accepted I become with the India community.On Sunday night I chanted at the local Saraswati Temple and the other evening I chanted for a yoga retreat which is happening just down at the end of the beach both where wonderful and very different= one serving the local people with a few friends and tourists that dropped in and the other 12 Japanese women who where on the yoga retreat for 8 days plus local western people that came from around Patnem.At the Temple I had a local tabla player called Mahindra who was great-by day he is a rickshaw driver.At the yoga retreat I was with my friend Meirav who is studying tabla and this was her first experience of performing which was great to observe-she did very well..Its hard to describe the beach in the early morning-the nicest time-I often sit there for a good hour just taking in the vast energy of the ocean-it can create [...]
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Life in Patnem

Posted on February 27, 2010 with 0 comments
Hello Dear Ones Its hard to believe I have been in Patnem(Goa) nearly a week and half.Life here is slow and peaceful for the most part, though these past few days the celebration of Holi has been in full swing which is far from peaceful but quite amazing.Lots of drumming and dancing to a very tribal rhythm-feels nearly African-they go from house to house and then after many hours everyone gets fed very delicious food on beautiful banana leaves-the old style of eating here.Last night it went on until after 1:00 in the morning and tonight they will celebrate all night throwing colors etc but its in the next village over so i think I will get some sleep.Patnem is, if I can use the word for an Indian town-quaint.I am living in the compound of an Indian family-Robin, Maya and their 2 children Sakshi and Swayam-they are so sweet and gracious.I am a very short walk to the beach -its especially nice in the morning and the evening to walk along the ocean-there is also some lovely spots to sit [...]
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